Having grown up in New Caledonia, nature has always been in my heart.
My return to France gradually took me away from this wild environment, with studies that led me to a job in Paris.

During my free time I join my little secret garden. My heart's passion: fine watchmaking and small leather goods. The precision and soul of these wonderful objects have always made my heart beat faster.

Every detail counts, each watch has its own personality, its “ticking”. This is what I like to sublimate about them thanks to the leather goods. Create the most beautiful bracelets, for the most beautiful watches. Small leather goods accessories, such as coin purses, wallets or card holders also require patience and know-how that I have learned little by little over time.

Having always kept this passion secret, a holiday in the French countryside in Availles-Thouarsais allowed me to open my mind.

Spending a moment of intimacy with nature, rediscovering it in a different way than I had seen it in New Caledonia, with frogs, freshwater fish, dragonflies, made me want to share my passion.

Leather is a natural material that is at the same time so raw, but which can turn into a real noble piece when one pays great attention and thoroughness.

I select leathers for their quality and originality while respecting the environment.
This gives them a second life while keeping their own history and it is with this philosophy that I continue to evolve.
Cuir de saumon tannage végétal et teinture naturelle
Vegetable tanned and natural dyeing salmon leathers
Cuir de patte de dinde provenant de l'industrie agroalimentaire
Turkey paw leather from the food industry